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With all the other distractions a teenager is faced with, it is easy to see how oral their oral health care can get lost in the mix. However, with all the new pressures and risks that come with a teenage lifestyle, your oral health becomes as important as ever. Listed below are a few guidelines to help conquer oral health risks as a teenager:

– Always wear protective gear such as mouth guards, face masks, and helmets when playing contact sports or any other similar high-risk activity.
– Avoid all bad habits that can ruin a smile. This includes smoking, drinking, and using drugs.
– Always remember to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once daily.
– Avoid risks to your mouth such as fashion statements from mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry can cause infections, crack or chip teeth, and cut or slice your gums. If a piece breaks off, it can also become a choking hazard.
– Protect your smile by visiting your dentist for regular checkups and bi-annual professional cleanings.

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