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If getting a tooth pulled was easy, everybody would be doing it. As it turns out, getting teeth pulled is easy, but the recovery process does take a bit of work. A few steps need to be taken to ensure your mouth can properly heal:

– Stop smoking, or give it up at least 48 hours before and after surgery.
– Follow your dentist’s advice and instructions.
– If necessary, take any pain medications or antibiotics prescribed by your dentist, exactly as instructed.
– To avoid choking, wait until the anesthetic wears off before eating.
– If swelling occurs, apply ice packs.
– Rest heavily, and try to avoid exercise
– Follow the strict diet as given by your dentist.

Follow these steps, and you will be on the road to recovery.

Consult your dentist if you experience:
– An ongoing fever that won’t go away
– Heavy pain that lasts three to four days post-surgery
– An increase in swelling
– Ongoing bleeding that won’t stop

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