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Our Reputation Is Grouwing Smile By Smile. Dentist in Lynwood. Seattle Dentist.


I just want to thank all of you for your wonderful care. The dentures are beautiful. The extractions were painless and done so quickly.



I have never enjoyed going to have my teeth cleaned. But my appointment at Concept Dental was the best experience I have ever had. Not only was I treated with kindness and respect, but the proceedure was painless and thorough. Thank you and see you next time.
- Mary R

I have been going to Concept Dental for years now, and really wouldn't go anywhere else. I love the care and the people and the great work on my smile. And me without dental insurance the prices are very reasonable.
- Jan K

First time in a long, long time that I left a dentist office happy. I really enjoyed going, had a wonderful time and left pain-free! I will definitely go back in 6 months for my next check-up.
- Brad B

I have been a patient here for years and have always had excellent care. Shawna and the entire staff are kind, considerate, professional and caring. Even though it would be more convenient for me to see a local dentist, I am not changing based on the years of wonderful care I have received from Concept Dental.
- Diane

Just want to let you know how happy I am that I found you. You have an excellent service. The repair was done in a timely manner and I was very satisfied. I would be very happy to share with my friends regarding your service.
- Patient

I am speaking for my husband, Gary, when I say that he has been more than delighted with your service! I personally have been pleased with the ease we have getting appointments by e-mail not to mention estimates and quotes.
- Patient

I have had full dentures since age 25. I recently turned 65. Four years ago I made the absolute best decision ever and had Concept Dental fit me with titanium implants in my upper jaw. Unfortunately I don't have enough jaw bone for implants in my lower jaw, however, that wasn't a problem for Dr. Z. He made the most incredible, comfortable lower denture I have 'ever' had! I just had my 3rd yearly checkup since getting my implants and new dentures and received a 100% okay report. Whoopie! I cannot say enough about the professionalism of Concept Dental, their entire staff and especially Dr. Z for my dentures. My dentures look so real people are amazed when they find out they aren't natural. I encourage everyone considering titanium implants or who are looking for a great denturist to try Dr. Z. He is the absolute BEST!.
- Diane

From reception desk, to assistant to dentist then on to Denturist the entire group is amazing. I have (had) a major mess in my mouth and have had fear all my life. Today is 4 days since having 10 teeth removed and getting a full upper denture. I feel like a new person, needed a slight adjustment today, that took 5 minutes. I would highly recommend this group of people.
- Janet

Dear Concept Dental :)

Just a little note to say thank you all so much for the wonderful care you have given me . I have been to many dentists &I can't believe the great service I have received from the first phone call I made with Shawna. Shawna you are the BEST !!

If it wasn't for this first impression and kindness on the phone , I wouldn't ever had come in for the consultation ! I'm sure glad I did ! More than words could say or express, you are ALL most definitely the BEST, dentist, denturist, receptionist,and assistant one could have ever have or have for the 1st impression & experience !
- Leah

Please let us know what you enjoyed about your experience in our office :

Everything....Every ones professionalism, Szilard's total commitment to making sure that my dentures not only fit well, but are comfortable and meet my expectations as to look. Whenever possible I recommend Concept Dental. Family, friends and business associates are still amazed that my beautiful teeth are dentures ! Thank you so much !!
- Patient

I am VERY happy with your care. Your hygienist walked me through everything she was doing. PLUS explained how important home care is. I'm 52 years old and this is the FIRST time anyone has taken so much time and care with my teeth! She can be proud to know that I have done everything, i.e. brushing right, flossing (every tooth right away) and using dental rinse!! I'm very committed to the plan your staff has for my future visits and you can be assured I will tell EVERYONE the need to change dentist. TODAY !! I also want to let you know one of the best services you provide is not only hygienist but you denture specialist. Thank you Szilard. My partials fit great but I'm really looking forward to implants !! Thank you for providing 120% of professionalism, very happy, friendly staff. I don't have enough time to thank everyone personally, but you all know how I feel. I've beenin dentist and orthodontist chairs my whole life, and this is the first time I've ever been compelled to reply to a survey. Come to think of it , no one else has ever asked me for my opinion !!! I'm serious !!! Thank you again, and I'll see you in January !!
- Becky

I came in there a little uneasy and you made me feel so at ease. I got the procedure done and now have a mouth of beautiful teeth because of your caring and understanding of the fear that some may have.
- Patient

Let me assure you of my sincere confidence in your skills and your patient explanation of procedures and prices. You were very fair with me and I sincerely appreciate all you did.
- Patient

Thank you so much for your patience and sincere care and concern when working with our mother. You have provided respectful service and we are grateful for your willingness to work with our mother and always keeping her satisfaction a priority! We definitely recommend your service to others.
- Patient

Dear “Z”:

You are an amazing and talented denturist and I cannot THANK YOU enough for the most beautiful and best fitting set of teeth I’ve ever had in my mouth, and that includes the ones I was born with.

When it was time to replace my eight year old set of dentures, I discovered that my previous dentist was no longer in the area, forcing me to find someone new to do the job. The fact that no one in my family or circle of friends wears dentures I had no referrals to work from, and had to start my search from scratch. Using the Internet and BBB, you were one of three I interviewed and you came out on top for a number of reasons.

I was impressed with the time you took during the interview to address all my questions and concerns and show me all the options available as to style, size and color which was a wonderful surprise because color was the only choice I’d been given with my previous set. I was glad you were familiar with my existing type of implants and that your lab is conveniently on premises. Based on photos I brought in showing my beautiful “smile” before my natural teeth went downhill, you were able to create a new set of dentures that look so natural strangers are amazed to learn I wasn’t born with them.

So not only do my new teeth look fantastic they are the best fitting and most comfortable dentures I’ve ever worn. The process you provided (trying them out in a wax base first) to make sure the look and feel is exactly what I wanted and expected is nothing short of brilliant. Right out the gate, the final set fit beautifully, and needing only three very minor adjustments to the bite made these absolutely the most PERFECT teeth I’ve ever enjoyed a meal with. I can talk and laugh and eat anything I want without worry or concern about my dentures coming loose or creating sore spots; what a blessing that is!

“Z” you are truly a gifted artist and a shining example of what a true professional in your field looks like. Your attention to detail and follow up is beyond compare. I will not hesitate to recommend your services at every opportunity. You may feel free to share this letter in any way you choose and know that I would be happy to speak with anyone who wants to hear about the exceptional experience you provided me.

Thanks for a GREAT new smile!
- Carla R

I can't thank you enough for your patience, excellent care, generosity & high code of ethics.
- Patient

I will be 49 next month and I have had dentures since I was 17. I had a pretty bad extraction in 1976 that left my gums and jaw bones in less than perfect shape. For about the last 15 years, I have gone through about 3 or 4 sets of dentures, not because they wore out, but because I ground them down to nothing. Because I lower gum line is almost non existent, I had so many problems with my dentures shifting constantly and creating sore spots. I would use a Dremel tool to whittle them down to nothing, just to eliminate sores.

I saw an advertisement on TV one day for Concept Denture Clinic and the mini dental implants. I was intrigued, to say the least. I called, scheduled an appointment and in a few short weeks, I was eating like I should have been. I had 4 implants inserted on the bottom and a complete new set of dentures and I am so pleased and happy with the results. I was eating steak the same afternoon that my implants were inserted. My dentures don’t shift anymore, no more sore spots and I haven’t found a food yet that gives me any trouble.

I would recommend mini implants and Concept Denture Clinic to anybody; they have changed my eating lifestyle forever. The service and caring from the entire staff has been phenomenal; before, during and after the implants.
- Patient

This is a testimonial from a previous sufferer of a lifetime of gum disease and loose teeth.

I'm a 66 year old man and I had all my teeth extracted in 2006, living with an interim set of plastic teeth that never did fit, only being able to wear the tops with Seabond adhesive. I never was able to use the bottom teeth. One day on TV, I saw a commercial for Imtec mini implants and pallet less uppers. I was so intrigued, I looked the company up online. The company that was advertising was Concept Denture clinic. I researched them online and liked what they offered. No other dentist had offered this sort of procedure.

I made an appointment online for consultation on this pallet less upper and implant procedure. In a couple of weeks, I was sitting in the dentist chair having the implant procedure performed. Then I had impressions taken for the building of a new set of teeth, including the pallet less upper. The implant surgery was virtually painless. In a few weeks, after a couple of settings and impressions, I had my new teeth. I was so delighted with the outcome, I couldn't stop smiling. The very first thing I did was to cook myself a steak and enjoyed it to it's fullest for the first time in years.
- Patient