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Welcome to Concept Dental online! Our dentists, Drs. Szilard Zombor and Taylor Berry are pleased to offer night guards for our patients in Lynnwood, Washington who grind their teeth at night.

People who grind their teeth at night often do so as a result of stress. Unfortunately, the stress and strain of chronic night grinding can pose several serious threats to your oral health. Left untreated this can lead to teeth with chips and fractures. At the same time the constant tension in jaw muscles can promote inflammation leading to the earliest stages of TMJ disorder.

Using a night guard while you sleep will allow some slip between your teeth to greatly help mitigate the damage caused by tension. It also offers a mild amount of padding to prevent chips and fractures.

Many people complain that the night guards sold in stores are uncomfortable and increase saliva production. This can actually cause new issues with sleep quality and sometimes drives people to stop wearing the night guard.

Here at Concept Dental our dental team can actually fit you for a custom night guard that conforms to the natural shape of your mouth for maximum comfort and a secure fit. The soft plastic material shields and protects your teeth while reducing the friction between biting surfaces to help relax muscle tension in the jaw.

To find out more about protecting your teeth from the damaging effects of night grinding, please call our Concept Dental team in Lynnwood, Washington to explore your treatment options. Together we will keep your smile healthy and confident!