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Tooth grinding is a common dental problem that affects many patients without them even realizing it. Most patients experience this habit while they are asleep and only become aware of it because a spouse or partner informs them or they can see wear and tear on their teeth. We invite you to learn more about teeth grinding, or bruxism, and its causes so that you can seek treatment if needed.

Ongoing stress is one of the most common causes of teeth grinding because it naturally causes the teeth to clench and grind from tension. Sleep apnea can also result in a habit of teeth grinding, and a visit to your physician can help you determine if you are struggling with this condition. Children with allergies sometimes develop tooth grinding as a result of their allergies causing tooth misalignment and mouth irritation.

If tooth grinding is not treated soon enough, you can develop extensive tooth damage that weakens your smile. For example, the constant grinding and pressure can cause the teeth to break and loosen, as well as result in daily headaches and persistent jaw soreness.

Fortunately, Dr. Szilard Zombor is pleased to offer a variety of treatments for bruxism, such as wearing a night guard to protect your mouth, practicing relaxation through medication and techniques, improving lifestyle habits and addressing any existing sleep disorders.

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