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A water flosser is an extremely useful interdental cleaner that helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease by removing particles from your smile. Water flossers eliminate many of the common struggles that patients experience with flossing, including slimy fingers, slippery floss, and hurting the gums. If you have a water flosser that you are unsure how to use properly, our dentist is happy to provide the information you need to using a water flosser.

The first step is to fill the tank with lukewarm water from the faucet. One of the reasons we recommend lukewarm water is because it’s ideal for sensitive gums and teeth. Pop on the kid and return the tank to the base, then attach your flosser tip of choice to the wand. Finally, choose the water pressure level you want.

Before turning on the device, make sure your lips are wrapped around the wand to prevent any stray jets of water. The tool will begin spraying water when turned on. Angle the tip and 90 degrees just above the gum line and start cleaning the back teeth first. Clean between every tooth until finished, then shut off the flosser off and eject the tip from the wand by pressing the eject button.

You will soon realize that using a water flosser is very easier and simple. We also welcome you to contact our dentist and team at 425-697-3907 if you have any questions or need to schedule a visit at Concept Dental.