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Are you aware of the risks that can arise due to dental erosion? Do you know the causes of dental erosion and what you need to do to protect your smile? If you are not aware, dental erosion, also known as enamel erosion, is an oral health condition in which harmful acids will eat through your tooth enamel. This can lead to numerous oral health ailments including tooth decay and cavities. If left untreated, pulp damage and tooth death can occur.

Protecting your smile against dental erosion includes being aware that sugars are a known cause of tooth enamel wear. Furthermore, dry mouth condition often associated with medication use and the lack of saliva in your mouth can increase the risk. Furthermore, acid reflux disease and genetic predispositions can increase the likelihood that dental erosion will occur.

Supplemental cleaning tools for your oral health care including mouthwash and chewing gum can be effective for cleaning your mouth when brushing is not possible. This is typically helpful for cleaning your mouth when your teeth may be extremely sensitive and potentially vulnerable to dental abrasion. However, in other instances, it is important to always make sure you’re brushing twice daily and flossing daily as well. This can help lower your risk potential for erosion.

To keep your smile safe from the risk of dental erosion, consider saliva-forming products for use in your oral health and your daily routines. This includes eating a healthy diet that is high in crunchy foods with a high-water content. In addition, by chewing sugarless gum after meals, you can help promote the formation of saliva and lower your risk for dental erosion.

The pinnacle of oral health and a super smile is possible with dental erosion prevention treatments. If you are seeking treatment with dental erosion prevention treatments, we are here to help you. For a thorough diagnosis and treatment, please contact Concept Dental to set up an appointment with Dr. Szilard Zombor and our team at our dentist office in Lynnwood, Washington by calling us at 425-697-3907.