These titanium wonders are the closest dentistry has come to providing patients with their third set of teeth. Root form implants can be used for a single tooth replacement to secure a bridge or a denture.

To be able to determine an individual patient’s candidacy for treatment with root form implants, radiographs and a thorough dental examination with our dentists will be necessary. With this essential information and a review of your medical/dental history, our dentists will be able to determine an individual’s suitability for having root form dental implants in Lynnwood, Washington.

In some cases, if a patient does not have an adequate amount of bone in their jaw to properly place implants, our dentists will assess the need for bone graft(s) in the patient’s jaw in order to sustain an implant. Proper healing of the surgical area will need to occur before tooth restoration can be completed.

Root form implant treatment is typically performed in two stages. Our dentists will first surgically place the implant(s) in the jaw. They are left under the gums and in the jaw to heal for 4 to 6 months. Once they are integrated (healed) to the jawbone, our dentists will uncover them and then begin the restoration process, to give you teeth.

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