If you or a loved one has suffered extensive tooth loss, Szilard Zombor and Dr. Berry can help you regain your smile by placing dentures on implants in Lynnwood, Washington. The dental implants provide long-lasting stability to help your smile look and feel natural so that you can chew and speak with confidence. We invite you to contact our Concept Dental dentist and denturist for further information and to schedule an appointment.

Denture Relines and Repairs

When you visit our denturist with broken or misaligned dentures, Dr. Szilard Zombor can reline or repair your existing dentures the same day. We encourage you to visit our office if you feel you may benefit from having your dentures adjusted or repaired.


Loose, ill-fitting dentures can inhibit your ability to speak, smile, and chew comfortably, interrupting your daily life. Relining dentures is the process in which an impression is made inside your existing denture (partial or complete) to form a new, intimate fit to your gums. Szilard’s patients have minimal time without their denture when having relines completed. Unlike many other dental offices that need to send the reline out to a lab, Concept Dental has an in-house lab, allowing the reline to be completed within a few hours. This means that you can wear your new, stronger smile home!


One of the simplest and most valuable services Szilard offers is a same-day denture repair. When a denture is broken and needs repair, Concept Dental‘s in-house dental lab can handle the majority of repairs same day and often while you wait. We invite you to contact our office today if you are dealing with misaligned or broken dentures in Lynnwood, Washington.