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Your teeth are made to chew food, but that’s about all they can do. For some reason, many of us think that our chompers can also do a variety of other tasks, but doing anything other than chewing food (safely) with our pearly whites can result in serious damages. Be careful of the following practices:

Using drugs or alcohol. When we say that your chompers are only for chewing food, we mean it. Using drugs or alcohol can severely destroy your chompers (and gums), as well as cause a host of additional problems for your body. Do all you can to limit your intake of drugs and alcohol and your pearly whites will thank you with a lasting, brilliant smile.

Crunching tough food. Lollipops and Jawbreakers are meant to be dissolved, not chomped on. Despite this, we see many patients who’ve cracked their chompers biting down onto a hard candy (or other hard food). If munching away on tough food is a challenge for you, consider skipping rough foods for snacks of a softer variety.

Chewing on pens. Somewhere deep within the recesses of our DNA is a pen-chewing gene. How we got it, we don’t understand, but we’re pretty sure it’s there. Chewing on pens slowly wears away at your enamel, and as the pen or pen cap becomes tougher with time, the possibility that you’ll chip your teeth chewing it also advances.

With these things in mind, we hope that you have a solid dental future ahead of you. And yet, we recognize that accidents happen. If you’ve harmed a tooth, please call 425-697-3907 now to pencil in your next appointment with Dr. Szilard Zombor and our Concept Dental staff in Lynnwood, Washington.