Dental Cleanings: The Things They Can Do for You

Dental cleanings are very important. In fact, they’re vital for a top-notch oral health and smile. This is why our , Dr. , strongly recommends receiving a dental cleaning every six months. To help you understand more, is happy to list the different things a dental cleaning can do for you, your smile and your… Read more »

Tricks for a Strong and Healthy Smile

Your dentist, Dr. , wants you to have the strong and healthy smile you deserve, which is why strongly encourages you to clean and care for your teeth and gums regularly. Your teeth and gums are essential parts of your smile and oral health. To help you achieve your smile goals, our dentist has some… Read more »

Protect Your Smile From Bruxism by Understanding Its Causes

Tooth grinding is a common dental problem that affects many patients without them even realizing it. Most patients experience this habit while they are asleep and only become aware of it because a spouse or partner informs them or they can see wear and tear on their teeth. We invite you to learn more about… Read more »

Acute Tooth Sensitivity Could Be Related to a Sinus Infection

Tooth sensitivity can prove to be more than a nuisance. The discomfort associated with certain foods and beverages can hamper your enjoyment of life as well as cause you to limit your choices.   If you have recently noticed discomfort with multiple teeth, you might want to consider scheduling an appointment with a like Dr…. Read more »

A Quality Dental Guard Can Help Reduce Complications Associated With Chronic Night Grinding

Certain individuals can tend to grind their teeth while sleeping. Chronic stress is often a factor in many of these cases. If the problem occurs on a frequent basis the excess force and tension can lead to a variety of oral health issues.   With many of these cases, the intense clenching and grinding eventually… Read more »

What to Know About Having a Partial Denture

The occurrence of missing teeth may necessitate the placement of partial dentures to help you regain your smile. Partial dentures can greatly benefit patients who have lost multiple teeth in one area and need to fill the resulting gaps between the remaining teeth. A partial denture is both functional and removable, and will change your… Read more »

What Are Cavities?

Cavities are also known as tooth decay. Tooth decay is one of the most serious and dangerous dental issues, especially because it can compromise the entire health of the smile if you let it. It’s best to prevent cavities by cleaning and caring for your teeth and gums regularly. To help you know more about… Read more »

Discover Your Hidden Smile with Dental Erosion Prevention

  Are you aware of the risks that can arise due to dental erosion? Do you know the causes of dental erosion and what you need to do to protect your smile? If you are not aware, dental erosion, also known as enamel erosion, is an oral health condition in which harmful acids will eat… Read more »

Oral Health Tips and Tricks on Dentures

Although it may seem like a good idea to leave missing teeth alone in your mouth, and just accept life with any gaps that you may have, the truth is that can cause serious damage to your other teeth. Not only does it put your other teeth at risk for tooth slippage, but it can… Read more »

Take Care of Your Mouthguard so Your Teeth Can See Another Season

If you or your child are involved in sports, a mouthguard is a must. Many leagues and school districts make mouthguards a required piece of equipment for sports such as football, hockey, or lacrosse. But the truth is that any sport in which contact to the face can occur needs a mouthguard. This is particularly… Read more »