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There are several things that can apply the significant force capable of fracturing tooth enamel. This could come from something as extreme as an athletic injury, or something as mundane as a fall around the house.

When a significant amount of tooth enamel is lost or compromised it can cause tooth sensitivity, discomfort, or impaired oral function. Even if the damaged tooth doesn’t cause any immediate discomfort, it’s still wise to have it examined by an experienced dentist like Dr. Szilard Zombor, before a new cavity develops deep inside the compromised tooth enamel.

If the trauma to the tooth has compromised a significant amount of healthy tooth enamel he might advocate a treatment plan that calls for a dental crown restoration.

This involves removing the tooth’s enamel layer to reveal the underlying dentin layer which will have the necessary strength to anchor the dental crown in place.

A detailed impression will be prepared of the area which will be sent to an off-site dental lab to guide the dental technicians who will create your dental crown. A temporary crown will then be secured over the abutment to protect it.

You will need to return to Concept Dental’s dental offices when your dental crown is ready. The temporary crown will be removed and the new dental crown will then be cemented in place.

If you are in the Lynnwood, Washington area, and you have recently suffered a fractured tooth, you should call 425-697-3907 to seek treatment from Dr. Szilard Zombor and his team.