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Certain individuals can tend to grind their teeth while sleeping. Chronic stress is often a factor in many of these cases. If the problem occurs on a frequent basis the excess force and tension can lead to a variety of oral health issues.


With many of these cases, the intense clenching and grinding eventually leads to chipped teeth and dental fractures on the biting surface of a tooth. There is also the potential for damage to existing dental work.  


Without some form of remediation, the chronic tension in the muscles and connective tissues for the temporomandibular joints can also contribute to the early onset of TMJ disorder. Common symptoms of a problem like this often include a persistent ache around the temples and in the jaw muscles, as well as discomfort when biting down.  


If it’s caught early on a dental guard might be able to buffer the relationship between both sets of teeth. When it’s worn in your mouth it can reduce your chances of suffering further complications. This type of oral appliance allows for a small degree of slip between your upper and lower teeth to reduce the overall tension in your temporomandibular joints.


If you aren’t comfortable with the units found in store a dentist like Dr. Szilard Zombor might be able to provide you with a custom dental guard. It will be produced in a state-of-the-art dental lab to match closely match the contours of your teeth and the curvature of your bite pattern.


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