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A new year has begun! Start the new year with a better smile. To ensure your oral health care meets its highest standards possible, plan everything you can do to ensure your teeth and gums are well protected. With proper planning, you smile will be safe once more.

Sometimes planning ahead means looking back. To see how you did last year, ask yourself the following questions:

– Did you brush your teeth twice daily?
– Did you floss once daily and/or use mouthwash on a daily basis?
– Did you limit between-meal snacks before lunch and dinner?
– Did you fight halitosis by keeping your tongue and mouth clean?
– Did you get your regular check-up and professional cleanings at Concept Dental?
– Were your cleaning products dentist-approved or stamped with the ADA Seal of Acceptance?
– Did you avoid unhealthy drinks and snacks that could damage your teeth and gums?
– Did you avoid chewing or smoking tobacco, along with other products that can harm your teeth and gums?
– Did you use safe teeth-whitening products or went to Concept Dental for professional treatments?
– Did you use any cleaning products after eating to limit the damage of harmful acids?

If you answered yes to 0 to 2 questions, your oral health is poor, try harder this year.
If you answered yes to 3 to 6 questions, your oral health is ok but could use improvement.
If you answered yes to 7 to 9 questions, your oral health is good, you’re getting there!
If you answered yes to all 10 questions, you are truly an oral health superstar!

To start the year off right, stop by our office in Lynnwood, Washington, or call us at 425-697-3907 to schedule an appointment with Drs. Zombor and Berry for a professional cleaning or oral exam. Let’s make 2017 the best year for your oral health yet!