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Dental crown restorations are typically used to treat a tooth that has suffered from a large cavity or fracture. The crown will perfectly replicate the tooth enamel layer with an alternate, durable, dental-grade material. Once it’s cemented onto the healthy abutment, it should last for many years.

Yet it is possible for periodontal health issues or a dental trauma to damage the abutment or it’s bond with the crown. When this happens, it could potentially make the crown fall out or the abutment to break off at the gumline.

In a situation like this, you need to call 425-697-3907 to seek treatment from Dr. Szilard Zombor. Your dentist can quickly assess the severity of the problem and present you with applicable treatment options. In the interim, there are a few things you can do to minimize any potential complications.

You shouldn’t attempt to clean any part of the crown or exposed abutment. You can gently rinse your mouth with lukewarm saltwater if a blow to the face left blood or debris in your mouth. Any other cleaning measures should be left to our professional tools, techniques, and training.

If problems with your periodontal health have compromised the dental adhesive bond, there are a few notable signs. You should see the abutment sticking out from your gums and the crown itself should be completely hollow. In a case like this, your dentist might be able to clean the dentin abutment and crown before re-cementing it in place.

If a blow to the face or other oral trauma caused the abutment to break off at the gumline or has caused different damage, you should see some or all of the abutment inside the dental crown. A tooth in this condition might need a root canal to restore sufficient structure so your dentist can secure the crown back into place.

If you live in the Lynnwood, Washington, area and you have a problem with your crown, you should not delay in calling 425-697-3907 to have it treated at Concept Dental.